Pursuing Truth Ministries

Pursuing Truth Ministries

At Pursuing Truth Ministries, our vision is to shake off the traditions of men, refocus our beliefs in the Biblical Messiah, and live out our faith through what we see in the Scriptures!

At Pursuing Truth Ministries, We examine every aspect of our faith and hold it to the test of the Holy Scriptures. We hold the Bible as the sole source of final authority and absolute truth. We believe the Bible, in the original manuscripts, to be the inspired Word of God without contradiction or error. We strive to deeply examine and study the Scriptures in order to “rightly divide (correctly teach) the word of truth” as instructed in 2 Timothy 2:15. We believe that we don’t interpret the Bible but rather that the Bible interprets itself. Scripture that is understood correctly will never contradict itself but instead will agree and build upon itself to teach and confirm a unanimous doctrine of the Great Story of Yahweh’s Redemption of sinful mankind through His only begotten son Messiah Y’shua (Jesus the Christ).

We believe the whole Bible (both the Old and New Testament) are relevant and applicable to our lives today. Pursuing Truth Ministries uses an apologetic and expository approach to Scripture in order to teach the Word of God in a practical way that gives tangible life application to the Bible.

Have you ever asked yourself “How do I know for sure what I believe is true”? If not, I would greatly encourage you to do so. That simple question ultimately led to the birth of our ministry at Pursuing Truth. Come along and let’s study the Word of God together!!!

Pastor Jason Towe and his wife Amanda
Pastor Jason Towe and his wife Amanda

“Testing the Truth is always a good thing, because if it is indeed Truth it will stand up to the Test”

7 Narrow Way
Mineral Bluff, Georgia 30559
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Services: Saturdays at 11 AM

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